Aperture's Little Princess
Grand-dog and me!~

Grand-dog and me!~

Ahh, yes! /And/ I am also female! You did not mention that~

Yeah but being a girl is okay, being purple is yuck.

*Is totally her mothers child.*

Sarrrrin~ *Calls her down down the hallway*

*Blinks, that was dad.. but he sounded like a girl..!*


*Grabs her plushie kitty and runs over to the control room and goes in, she stares at Neuro.*

You’re purple.

Something seems to be scratching at your door. It sounds small and- wow, was that chirping or purring coming from behind it?

ooo… *Presses headphones up against the door, is sposta stay in her room and play.* whats’it?

Birdragon: X3 !!! *bolts!*

*Runs after*

Wait up!~ *laughs*

Birdragon: :3 !!! *bounces around!* *make doggie play-bows!*

Awww come on, gimme, gimme! *Crouches down a bit, grins, ready to chase the cute thing.*

Birdragon: *trots it back over and makes a play-bow, won't let it go!*

Gimme so I can throw it again~

*Holds hands out for the ball to be dropped in*

Birdragon: :O !!! *runs after!*

Okay now get it and bring it back and you get more pets, cute thing~

Birdragon: X3 !!! *likes! Sings!*

*Grins and pulls a ball out of her pockets thats for the kitties* Can you fetch? *throws it down the hall* Go get it!

Birdragon: :3 !!! *rolls to expose her belly*

*Beams and rubs that birdydragon belly!* So, so, cute little birdy lizard thing~